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This is the webpage of Partyology, a site dedicated to the art and science of refined party life.

— Whatever that is, you might say.

Well, that´s exactly what we are going to explore.

I who write am a musician, composer and writer, passionately interested in social intercourse, conversation, parties, the forgotten art of the salon (taking place in rooms like this)

and the finer F-words:

fingerspitzengefühl (finger tip feeling)

I am writing an extensive book about the Anatomy of The Party that never seems to get finished. While I work away I will share my insights about this fascinating and actually quite neglected subject.

Neglected might sound strange, but the more I research it the less real substance I find about party life. Yes, lots of recipes, advice about invitation cards, theme parties and other relative trivia. But very little about the underlying dynamics of great and not so great parties.

I mention the not so great party because informal interviews with friends, acquaintances and strangers indicate that many (far too many) people are NOT REALLY ENJOYING their party life. That´s shocking!

I almost feel like a sex educator of the old school, crying out Good people, you must enjoy yourselves more!

That is actually one of my conclusions in working with the book: that we need to enjoy ourselves (and each other) more. Parties are not as gratifying and satisfying as they could or should be.

But HOW can they be made more enjoyable? Ah, the eternal question of know-how. It, and the questions of know-when and know-why, will be the subject of a series of “party epistles” posted here.

As we often say, but not always do: Enjoy!

Ladislaus Horatius

Ladislaus Horatius
Me in a musical salon

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